Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Black and White

If you are set on your opinions that something is a certain way, you are seeing the world as black and white and as right and wrong, and this view is based on your belief system. But what is "right" for you may not be right for someone else. And what is right for you at one time may not be right for you at another time (look at how your beliefs have evolved over time). Everything is in constant change --- there is nothing that stays the same. So how can you make a definitive judgment about something if it is constantly changing and if you see it a certain way because of your belief system? Think of all those times that you made an early judgment about something or someone, only to get additional information which makes you realize your earlier judgment was wrong. Well, this is not the only time this happens --- it is just the times you recognize. Actually, you never have enough info to make a black and white judgment. This type of judgment comes from the ego.

This world is a blending of black and white to grey. When you relax into the grey of the world, it becomes very peaceful because you are not making judgments. You realize that you do not have enough information to do that. Black and white involves rejection. There is always an opposite to what you favor, so that is what is rejected. If we reject something, we are denying God, because He is All. The grey, the blended view, is acceptance of what is. The grey is a blend of All, and this includes you. So when you see from the grey, you are not only accepting of people and things "outside" of you, you are also accepting of yourself.

When you think of everything as grey, there is no separation. Think about a continuum or a circle. You seem to "exist" on one part of the continuum (located in space and time), but this is only an appearance, like a wave that appears separate from the ocean. But like the the wave and the ocean, you exist both as a point on the continuum and as the continuum itself. You are both One with God and His holy creation.


  • At 6:10 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

    You are an amazing person. I thank God for letting our paths cross. It amazes me at how true nothing random really IS!! While driving, I was listening to Moody radio one day. Heard the host comment about your writing, I thought to myself (mental note) I am truely interested...and today, weeks later while on the computer, I started reading your blog and had INSTANT DEJAVUE!! I feel as if through your readings...that I am talking to myself...nuturing myself lol. I have always felt that the present is where eternity exists. I feel that it is the door to where God resides. And if we are always living in the present, everything is brand new....My goodness..WOW....May God Bless you for your insight. Your ability to articulate is one I pray to also obtain. I have so much to say..but am to nervous and shy to say it.... Your Sister in Christ.


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