I Am Therefore I Am

Describing the path of our Love with God, a path of remembering our Oneness with Him.

Thursday, July 17, 2008


We are coming back today from a family vacation on the Big island of Hawaii. The power of creation rings through loud and clear on this island. The volcano is very active, and there is a lot of lava flowing above ground. We went to see where the lava meets the ocean, and the lava is coming out of a lava tube and shooting up to 1000 feet in the sky. Nature's fireworks. When the lava enters the ocean, there is a huge cloud of steam and gas which goes up for miles. Two powerful forces coming together at the same time to help us remember who we are, for you can't look upon this show and not feel an awe for God. Creation starts with you. Just as the lava bubbles up from deep within the Earth, creative forces and change come from deep within you. Just like the lava, there is no way to stop this creation, this constant change which is happening inside of you. Many of us try to not feel this change by numbing it through any number of ways, but just like the lava, the change is always coming up to be vented, recognized, and honored. Since God is Love, Creation within this human experience happens through the emotions. We were created out of Love, so that God, as Love, could have an experience (loving as in a verb) of Himself, of Herself. The lava meets the water, just as the creation within us meets our ocean of emotions. We have to be emotionally stable and fully express our emotions for us to be carried along on the River of Creation (the River of lava.) Creation's purpose is the expression and expansion of Love. Love, like water and like the lava, always seeks the lowest point in order to have all of Creation, to have all of you and everyone, be washed with the redemptive and forgiving waters of Love. God is Stillness, but Creation is never stagnant. It is always seeking to expand and further complete Itself. This is well represented in the physical, as the islands created long ago by these volcanoes slowly submerge under the Pacific plate, only to be reborn in a newer state many years later as they are again brought back up as magma. Just like the caterpillar becomes liquid goo before it is reborn as a butterfly. So all land on the Earth renews itself, just as our physical bodies are in a constant state of renewal and repair. But one day these bodies return to dust and will be turned back in to the elements that will make for another day of Creation. That is why you cannot see yourself as a body. The body is only a physical tool of Creation. A tool for Love to know Herself in a more expansive way.

Suggested action: Take a look at some pictures on the Internet of the flowing lava and where it meets the ocean. Feel the power of Creation, and know that this power is inside of you, is you. If you know that you are One with this power, then you know that you are One with God.


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