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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Guilt and Our Partner

As a follow up to my last post, I want to comment on guilt within those close relationships. Guilt is usually present when there is friction between you and that person close to you. You feel like you are not doing it right or you are not doing enough, especially when that person expresses their anger toward you or their dissatisfaction with a situation that you can supposedly control. It doesn't matter whether their anger is justified, because that is only their perception, and that is an illusion. What matters is that the guilt is arising to be dealt with. Remember, everything that arises is a teacher for you in order for you to recognize who you truly are. Guilt is no exception. It is a gift of Love to show you that you are also Love. Guilt goes back to the beginning of time. It arose with fear when we first believed that we had separated from God. This "original" guilt calls out to be healed as it appears everywhere --- in our relationships, in our religions. Because our fear of facing this guilt, we have collectively created a belief that guilt is beneficial. We believe that guilt will alter our future thoughts or actions. So the cycle goes something like this. We feel separate from God because of our belief in separation. This feeling of separation leads us to judge our thoughts and actions, because we do not know our Oneness and we think that how we perceive the world is reality (we are also in the future and not in the present moment.) When we judge these thoughts and actions as bad instead of seeing them as neutral, we look to guilt to "save" us. Guilt is our Savior. We accept ourselves as guilty, thus we hope to preempt the punishment that we believe is coming. In our relationship with God, we judged ourselves as guilty instead of waiting for God's true judgment on His Son, that being that we are completely sinless. So in our relationships with others, we play out what happened with God. We, not the other person, decide whether we are guilty. They may or may not think that we are guilty, and it is all an illusion anyway, because both their judgment and our judgment is based on perception, not reality. So we decide to go ahead and punish ourselves, and in doing so we "love" the guilt for taking care of our "sins" and for teaching us, in a so gentle way, how not to do the same action or have the same thought the next time. Of course, we do the same thing again, and we look to guilt to save us another time. Only when we go to the root of the guilt and to the illusory belief behind it can we break the cycle. And when guilt no longer arises in you, then guess what does --- GOD!


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