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Monday, August 04, 2008

What is Right

I have mentioned in this blog that my fourteen year old son is very spiritual and he asks me deep questions. The other day he went to a Baptist church with one of his friends, and the preacher gave one of those sermons that are heavy in judgment, making my son angry. When he got home, he asked me how do we know that what we believe is right. I explained that there is only the appearance of right and wrong in this experience. Each of us has different beliefs based on our past experiences and future expectations. We see life through our own unique rose colored glasses. and even what we see as right and wrong can change in the next moment. Truth is not variable. It is self evident. What underlies all of these belief systems is what is Real, what is changeless. My book, my words, and this blog are not Truth. They are symbols which may or may not point us to the Divine. God is not about symbols or perception, because these change. If someone can find benefit in my words/symbology which can point them to their divine nature, then that is great. Everyone who listens to this judgmental Baptist preacher is also being led to the Divine, because all roads lead to God. God is All. These roads may appear to take a person away from God, but their path just may be a little longer. Or someone listening to this preacher may learn from contrast. They may learn about Love through the appearance of non Love (the judgment.) There are an infinite number of ways this can happen, and everyone, including me and this preacher, are exactly where they need to be. Maybe this preacher, this manifestation of God, decided to come to know God in this experience by being a piece of the puzzle that appears to be negative. What a sacrifice he is making for others. Remember, we are all One, and we are doing this together. In this experience, in appearance only, the difference between the preacher and me is that I know that God can be reached in innumerable ways, traditions, religions. And I know that what I am speaking about is not ultimate Truth, because words and symbols are still part of the illusion.

Next time you encounter someone with heavy judgment, hear them out. If you judge them, you are falling in the same trap and illusion they are in. Remember that this person is also on a path of remembrance and recognition to their true Divine nature, just like you are. Ask yourself the question, why have they been brought to me.


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