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Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Blessings From Others

To continue on my message from yesterday, if everything is a blessing, then you must be a blessing to those you encounter, and you are a blessing to them. I want to mention a theme that you consistently see throughout my writings. This is the all or nothing theme --- you can't be partially pregnant. You can't be partially sinful, you can't be partially holy, you can't be partially one with God. It is one or the other, and this applies here. Everyone you encounter acts as a blessing for you, everyone, as you do for them. This includes the most casual of encounters, when you pass someone in the street, or you share an elevator ride. These encounters are as much a blessing as those which are lifelong relationships. Anytime God meets God, it is holy. One of the keys to spiritual growth is to recognize the "spiritual" in everything and as everything. Look for holiness and blessings in every moment. If you think that these blessings only happen some of the time, then you are not seeing Unity.

It may take you a while to experience the Unity of everything, but what you can do is to continue reminding yourself that this person, that person, this grocery store visit, that smile, are all holy blessings. It is a recognition that you need to make over and over until you remember this is really true. You can see and experience God within everything, because God is truly within everything. This takes little effort. What takes effort is to pretend that you and everyone else are something you are not. You are exerting a lot of energy to believe that you are actually this role you play in the dream when it is much easier to be who you are. When we come from a space of reality in our daily encounters, we very much act as a blessing for those we encounter, because your being who you truly are reminds that person who they truly are. It is kind of like illusion breeds more illusion and truth is just self evident.

So how do we get to this space of authenticity so that we can be the best blessing we can in the world? We open up like a clear vessel and allow God to come to the forefront. And how do we do that? Well, a clear vessel is clear. All of your judgments are what creates a muddied vessel. It is hard to see God in someone when you are judging that person. And when you are judging yourself, it is hard to see God within you. All judgment is self judgment, even when it appears that it is directed to someone "outside" of you. But that is a topic for another day. At this point, what is very helpful to do is to witness your judgments. Again, it is a matter of making a recognition over and over. As you continue to recognize when you are judging, the vessel becomes more clear, and you shine in this world as you came here to do.


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