I Am Therefore I Am

Describing the path of our Love with God, a path of remembering our Oneness with Him.

Saturday, March 19, 2011


Whether you realize it or not, you are in constant prayer, because you are in constant communion with God. God is One, and you are never separate from Him. We have a never ending stream of thoughts or consciousness that is running through us. Some of these thoughts are at the conscious level, but many are not, as we have many subconscious beliefs and "programs" running that affect how we see the world. Regardless of whether we are aware of them, our thoughts and beliefs can only go one of two directions --- "toward" God or "away" from Him. Basically, our thoughts are ones of love (this includes compassion, generosity, kindness, empathy, etc), or they are the opposite, which is fear. There can be no in between. If God is One, then He/She is all that exists. So if our thoughts are ones of Love, and God is Love, we are aligning fully with Him. Through our thoughts (and subsequently through our actions), we are affirming the reality of Him, our oneness with Him, and with true reality --- heaven on earth.

Now, let's talk about fear thoughts. We have all experienced fear and fear thoughts to some degree, as fear is present in the collective consciousness of the world. We cannot get fully away from it as each of us is a part of that collective consciousness. If God is Love, and God is all that is, then what happens when there are fear thoughts? We must be experiencing a state that cannot exist but one which appears to exist through our belief. Our beliefs are very powerful --- what you believe will come "true" and manifest in appearance for you. If you believe that the world is an evil place, then this is what will "be seen" by you. Your eyes don't interpret. Your beliefs create the "reality" you see, which you then think is true because you "saw" it. The dog chasing his tail scenario. So back to the fear thoughts. If you have these, you will see a world which makes you afraid or fearful. But we know that God is Love, and we know that God is all that is. If you are having fear thoughts, you must not be thinking with your true thoughts. These are only thoughts which you give your belief to, making them appear real to you. If you withdraw your belief, if you no longer have fear thoughts, then the world will no longer appear fearful to you.

The topic of this post is prayer. Most people think of prayer as a specific act at a specific time (you talk to God, you go to worship, etc). But prayer is happening all the time, as through your thoughts you are moving "toward" or "away" from God. You can be in constant communion with Him, and you can recognize this, or you can be in constant communion with Him, and you can not recognize it. See the communion, the unity, never ends, because we are One with Him. But we can recognize, by witnessing our thoughts, whether we are in that space of love or fear. What happens when we are able to release the fear thoughts, even if for short periods? Love fills this vacuum, and we become what we are, which is also Love. When we exist in our true state, then we feel His presence constantly, because there is nothing blocking our awareness of unity. This is true prayer, prayer that is from the heart as our love for Him fills our being. This is communion. Look at this word, a synergy of comm and union. We exist, we communicate with God, through holy union.


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