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Saturday, August 20, 2011

One Of The Hardest Things To Do Is To ....

One of the hardest things to do is to see past the body to the God within for someone that has really angered or hurt you. This world takes the appearance of separate bodies with whom you interact. Some appear to treat you kindly and others badly, but when we see from this perspective, we are seeing from the ego. And when we see from the ego, we are getting bounced around on the rollercoaster, subject to its ups and downs and subject to experiences that seem out of our control. This is how a victim sees the world --- they do not want to take personal responsibility for what happens to them, so they assign control outside of them and say that "all of these things are being done to me. Look how pitiful I am and how much the world, this group, or this individual craps on me."

When we rise to a much higher perspective based on unity and our Oneness with God, we take full responsibility for what happens to us, because we are creating our reality. We draw those people and those experiences to us which will allow us to grow. How do we want to grow? We want to grow in our remembrance of God and His Love as well as our unity with Him. This is the only reason for the experiences and people that come into your life. At a very deep level, we have agreed with these other parts of God (for we are One) and these other parts of ourself (one and the same as parts of God) to come together and to help the other to remember. Sometimes this means that the appearance is ugly, like a humiliation, a fight, or even a lifelong animosity with someone. Whether or not someone recognizes themselves on a path of remembrance toward God does not matter, because we are all on this path, and we are all having these experiences (except if you live in a cave all your life) that we have asked for. The experiences that I mention above hurt. They are painful to go through, and we have all had them at different times in our lives. But they are our greatest opportunity for growth. Because this is a dream world and because it takes the appearance of separate bodies doing all of these things to us, if we can see past the hurt or anger, see past the perpetrator's body to the God within, then we have really taken a huge leap. Heaven is easy --- we are surrounded by Love. But this dream world will give you a great opportunity to truly see that only Love exists.

Sometimes we will do better at this than other times. Sometimes we will think that we have done really well with this, only to have an episode sideswipe us out of nowhere and we are disappointed in our reaction. Be gentle with yourself. This process is like a spiral, and you probably have been doing very well. It is coming up again, because you have gone to a deeper level of clearing out false beliefs around who you really are. When we drop all of those false beliefs, then we can really see that we are One with God.

So how do we get to this higher perspective? Forgiveness. This is not the type of forgiveness that you normally think of where you still believe that this person truly did this to you and you forgive them but remember what happened. That is not forgiveness --- that is an ego strategy. True forgiveness means that you rise to a higher perspective and you know that what happened was only in the dream (like a play onstage), and most importantly you know that you asked for this to happen. You have to continue to come back to that high perspective, or the experiences will cause you great distress. Remember, you are never given more than you can handle, so the fact that a hard one comes up means that you can handle it. However, if you don't move to that higher perspective, then you will really suffer. When the experience first happens, it may be hard to carry that higher perspective. Intellectually you may know it, but the pain, hurt, and anger may be very fresh. That is normal. Just watch your thoughts around what happened and continue to bring those thoughts back to your center and that higher perspective.


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