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Sunday, August 21, 2011

Our Choices

Continuing on from the previous blog, let's resume from the knowing that God is One, that God is All. The thing I love about this self discovery process is that it is very logical. You move from one step to the next, and the impossibilities are eliminated. So since God is All that is, we are inseparable from that Allness. How do our choices come about? Well, although you can state it a number of ways, I like to say that God is expressing through us. What we know for sure is that He is not a separate deity who is deciding what happens to us. If He is expressing through us, we are making choices with Him. It is important to remember the paradox here. We are both One with Him, and we also appear to be separate from Him. As All that is, He created us in order to express His perfect Love. This means that we make choices as the One, and concurrently we make choices "separate" from Him. Our choices are not separate from Him, but He also supports our choices and makes them come about.

We need to make a distinction between choices you make at an ego level and those you make at a spirit level with God. Someone might say that they have prayed to win the lottery, but that is an ego desire. Ego desires are not real --- well they are "real" within this dream world, but this is not reality. At a much deeper level you have made choices of what you want to happen in this dream world, and you have likely chosen experiences that bring you back to a remembrance of your true nature, allowing you to see past this dream world. When someone has a horrific experience, as I did with my mother (detailed in my book), people on the outside may ask, "why would you ever choose that experience?" And that is an understandable question, but it is one from an ego perspective. Now, I think it is important to realize that I went through a long journey of healing, and if you had asked me early on if I chose that experience, then I would have looked at you like you were crazy. But there is a purpose behind all experiences, regardless of how horrific. Each of us is like a tree in the forest, unaware of how far the forest extends. If you are looking at and maybe judging another's experience, how can you possibly know the full extent of everything that has happened, since our creation, in that soul's experience? We are in no position to judge. Only God, as All, has that perspective.

When we go through a long healing journey, we are given a much higher perspective on our journey back to God. Instead of only having a view from the roots of the tree, you are raised high enough to see the forest. What a blessing that is, because that is great comfort when we go back down in the spiral and we have to work through more false beliefs in order to continue our healing journey. The higher perspective allows us to see how God works through everything and everyone. In my case I came to see what happened to me as a gift. People will question me and say there is no way what happened was a gift. But that is their ego, very limited, perspective talking. How can someone judge my experience and tell me, the person that experienced it, that it was not a gift?

Instead of seeing my mother as a body that did this horrible act to me, I came to see it, after some time, as God working through her to facilitate what I wanted to have happen in this dream. Would I be compassionate on a child who went through the same thing --- of course! It is very hard on children this happens to, and a child cannot understand a higher perspective. There again is the paradox. We can walk through this world and best help it through compassion and Love as it relates to the great suffering we see, WHILE shining our Light into the awareness of others, hopefully allowing them to remember the Light inside of them. Because ultimately the suffering that we see will not go away by using means within this illusory world. It will go away by raising the consciousness of others, allowing them to know that they can see past appearances to the Love behind All.


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