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Sunday, September 04, 2011

All or Nothing

Are you the creator of what happens to you in this dream, or is everything that happens to you not created by you? If everything is not created by you, who is creating what happens to you? Or is everything that happens to you totally random? I assume that if you are reading this, then God is important in your life. Do you believe that God creates everything that happens to you, or does He only create part of what happens to you? If so, what parts are the ones He creates? How does He choose?

Your belief system may incorporate several things from above, and these beliefs may change often as you have certain experiences. Maybe if you have a "good" experience, He has created that, but if you have a "bad" experience, then you cannot quite understand why He created that. Or maybe you think He only creates good experiences. We talked about things blending to grey in a previous post, but this is a different situation, as this is truly one way or the other. God cannot be active in your life only at certain times. You cannot create only at certain times. If so, that would mean complete randomness and chaos in the body of God. So in order to understand from a higher perspective why we have certain experiences, we need to first build the foundation of the house. This foundation is that there can be no partiality, otherwise God would not be One. Either everything is random, which would be very scary for all of us, or the other option is that God or we create everything that happens to us. The belief that God doles out good and bad experiences is consistent with the ego view that everything is separate, especially God. But from our perspective of Oneness, we know that God is not separate from us, thus He expresses through us. We are One with Him, and you can say that we create what happens to each of us with Him. Since there can be no partiality, everything that happens to us is created by us.

So now the question may arise as to why you create "bad" experiences for yourself. But that is a question based on wrong assumptions, kind of like asking whether you take a Ford or Chevy to drive across the lake ( it is a question that makes no sense based on your belief system). From a perspective of Oneness, we can see that this world is a dream of separation. We are the writer of the play that we are staging, and we are also the main character in the play. But we need to make sure that when we are acting in the play, we remember that it is a play. We cannot take it as real. Everything (no partiality) that happens in the play is meant to bring us back to a remembrance of Oneness with Him. When we see from this perspective, we know that there cannot be any "bad" experiences. Bad and good are an ego perspective. Sometimes it is very hard to see this in the midst of tragedy, but His Love, His blessings, and His Presence is in the midst of everything, in all experiences, from the greatest blessings to the worst tragedies. Nothing happens that is random, and nothing happens as punishment.


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