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Describing the path of our Love with God, a path of remembering our Oneness with Him.

Friday, November 25, 2011

Grief and Sadness

There are many men, and some women, who are afraid of crying or resistant to it. They do not want to be seen as vulnerable, as society says they should be strong, especially the men. Strength comes from knowing who you are, and you cannot know this when you do not express your full range of emotions. In the Kingdom there is only joy, but as we make our way to full recognition of the Kingdom, we exist in this dream world where it is important to express your sadness and to grieve when a person or an animal you love dies. It is also important to grieve when you leave something where you have invested a lot of yourself, such as a relationship or a job. When we allow ourselves to express sadness or grief, we are not vulnerable, we are powerful. A man or a woman who does not let society dictate how they should feel and what they should express is authentic. Authenticity means we are completely open, and when we are open, God can express through us. When we allow ourselves to grieve and express sadness, we are alive. If we stuff our grief or sadness, it doesn't go away. It is still in there, affecting every thing you do and clogging your vessel so you can't feel the joy of the Kingdom.


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