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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Live in the Moment

Do you notice that as some people grow into their elder years, they are less joyful and look as if they are just going through the motions, almost as if they are waiting to die? Young people live more in the moment and they also have something to look forward to --- a career, relationships, etc --- as the future "holds promise." For many middle aged and elderly people, the future is quickly dwindl
ing. Looking to the future and/or wishing you were still in the past, wanting the excitement and adventures of youth, prevents someone from knowing the joy of the present moment, the Now. This is where the richness of Life is. This is where God resides. When you are in the Now with Him, the age of your physical body is irrelevant, because you exist in the eternal with Him.

I am available to do talks in certain cities, and I will be beginning a series of free talks in Nashville starting this Saturday December 1. If you have an interest in coordinating a talk in your city or attending the Nashville talk, please contact me at lawrence@lawrencedoochin.com. Thanks!


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