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Sunday, April 07, 2013

Loving Fully

When you don't love fully, you are afraid of being hurt. This is your way of being in control. This love can be withheld from another person, God, or even from something you have created, like a new business or project, as you may believe that this creation is too good to be true or you don't deserve it. When you hold back your love from another person, you are not living in the present moment. You are living in the future, saying "what if" that person leaves me or hurts me. So by limiting the love you give, you limit the love you can receive back.

You believe that this "limited" love is a more "safe" way, but limited love has another definition --- hell. If you fully give your love now, you may be hurt, or you may not --- but you will be living an authentic and joy filled life. IF your love is rejected, you may be hurt and you may experience grief, but your capacity to love will only be increased through this experience.

We are afraid to love God fully because we believe, falsely, that we have sinned against Him and He will punish us. But He loves us and waits for us to return His Love with eternal patience, for that is why He is Love. And each of us will return to Him and that Love --- of that there is complete certainty.

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