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Monday, November 04, 2013

Partial Evidence

How can you make judgment of something you do not understand? It is likely you do not understand anything, because you judge on partial evidence. Your eyes bring you what it is your mind wants to see. Your mind wants to see what it is that validates your beliefs. And your beliefs have been created from your experiences, which are narrowly focused and unique to you. This is why you make judgments --- self judgments, judgments of others, judgments of situations or experiences, judgments of your divinity and God --- based on partial evidence. Partial evidence is no evidence --- how many times have you judged someone or something, only to get "evidence" down the line that made you realize you were wrong? Place no faith in judgment, because judgment is not of God. His Love, unconditional Love (Love without conditions), sees past all of the "errors" or "sins" you think that you or others have done in this dream to His holy child who has never separated from Him. So how do you walk in this world without judgment? You evaluate, you discern, from Love, not from the ego's judgment. Then you can truly be making decisions based on His Will for you.

Lawrence Doochin


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