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Sunday, January 18, 2015

The Universe

Astrophysicists struggle with the parts of the universe they know are there but they can't see. They call these parts dark matter and dark energy. But they see these things as separate.

You can't get a unified and workable model of the universe if you are seeing things as separate, like the observable universe as separate from dark matter and dark energy. It is all dark energy --- it is all God. Just as an ocean is all water, there are areas in the ocean which are warmer of different shades of color, but it is still all water. You can also think of it as a continuum of the same energy. There may be points on the continuum that appear (the observable universe), but there is no separation.

Everything is vibration. We are all part of the God frequency. The points on the continuum or areas of the ocean which appear different are the observable parts of the universe which are vibrating and have more density. But again these areas are still contained within one larger vibratory field. Physicists are trying to develop instrumentation which measures this dark energy by seeing it pass through particles and have light emitted, but maybe they should be developing instrumentation that measures extremely sensitive vibration instead of light. Light is just a form of vibration, but they need to go to the level above that where there would be no light created because it is a higher form of vibration.


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