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Sunday, January 22, 2017

God's Presence In Your LIfe

If you are reading this, you likely believe that God or some creative force is at work in your life. But do you believe this only happens sometimes? This is a belief that is a byproduct of the belief that we are separate from God and that He bestows favors or blessings on us as a benevolent Father.

Is partial randomness possible? Can someone be partially pregnant? Partial randomness is not possible --- everything is either random or it is not. So a belief that God is working in your life at times and not at other times is false. Everything that happens in and around you is part of the body of God, for this is all that exists.

Nothing is random because it is all contained within the body of God and everything happens by choice --- collective or individual. Something may happen to you that you don't like. You may experience a burglary or be exposed to environmental toxins which cause health issues. So these are things out of your control, but they happen through someone's choices, an individual alone and/or the collective (group of people making decisions) of which we are One with. Thus it is not random.

So if nothing is random, and you believe that God has your highest good, everything that happens in and around you, even the most minor of encounters, can be seen as part of your evolution, your remembrance, of who you are as Spirit. And you know that only joy, peace, and Love will be the results of that remembrance. Even if something happens that you consider "random" and "bad," when viewed from the proper perspective, a blessing can come out of it.

Lawrence Doochin

These posts are similar to the over 2500 contained on The Divine Speaks website (www.thedivinespeaks.com) where God gives YOU the one that you need to hear at that time. Lawrence is the author of three books on emotional and spiritual healing, including "Thirteen Steps To Move From Victim Consciousness To God Consciousness: Healing Traumatic Experiences Including Sexual, Physical, Emotional, And Mental Abuse."


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