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Saturday, February 18, 2017

For They Know Not What They Do

When Jesus said, "Forgive them Father, for they not what they do," he was saying something purely for our benefit. First, he had no need to voice it, and more importantly, God is a God of forgiveness and Love. He automatically forgives because He sees past our errors to His holy and blessed child who is One with Him and whom He loves so dearly.

So why did Jesus say this? The key is in the words "for they know not what they do." Regardless of one's words, actions, or thoughts, everyone is One with God and His Love. This cannot nor will never change. This Oneness gives us the Kingdom and establishes us as Love, eternally. Love is all that exists, as God is all that exists, and we are inseparable from that.

We must "see past" the actions and words of another to the Love within, for this is who they truly are. This is true for the person who cuts you off in traffic, to the partner who cheated on you and broke your heart, to the friend who betrayed you, to the mass murderer.

This is key --- if you cannot release the judgment, see past the "sins" of another to the Love within, you will not be able to release self judgment and see past your "sins" to the Love that you are.

"They know not what they do" simply refers to ignorance, a lack of understanding within a person as to their divinity and thus the truth that they would not commit these errors if they truly knew who they are. For you would never intentionally hurt another if you knew your Oneness and Unity. Why would you do something which harms you?

Lawrence Doochin

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