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Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Be In This World But Not Of It

What is of this world will pass away. What is of this world will turn to dust. What is of this world can never give meaning to you. You are not of this world. Anything of this world is not eternal. You are eternal.

However, you are meant to be in the world but not of it. Don't say that it is all God's Kingdom and just try to spiritualize everything. It is all God, but God is having an experience of Himself through us in this unique reality, and through that experience, IF we allow it and pay attention to it, we are awakening to our divinity. We are remembering!

This is why we are here. And you are God's hands and feet to help others awaken and to help the world, because we are in the midst of great change and everyone needs to be a teacher to another. As you show others that you stand in your Light and divinity, this helps them to awaken. So be in the world --- take actions and say words that bring this reality more in alignment with God's Kingdom --- while not being of it, not being attached to anything of this world.

Lawrence Doochin
These posts are similar to the over 2300 contained on The Divine Speaks website (www.thedivinespeaks.com) where God gives YOU the one that you need to hear at that time. Lawrence is the author of three books on emotional and spiritual healing, including "Thirteen Steps To Move From Victim Consciousness To God Consciousness: Healing Traumatic Experiences Including Sexual, Physical, Emotional, And Mental Abuse."


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