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Saturday, March 31, 2018

Emotions Are The Pathway To God

We are all on a spiritual path, because everything is God, everything is Spirit. So we are each remembering this.

We are all on an emotional healing path, because our emotional body is as significant as our physical, mental, and spiritual bodies. God is Love. We come to know Him/Her, to know thyself, to remember our Unity and our Beloved relationship with Him/Her, through the emotions. As God the Absolute, a noun, expresses through all Creation, through each of us, God becomes a "verb." Love as the Absolute expressed through Creation becomes Love the verb. It is kind of like G.I.A. --- God in action.

So our emotions are very important. We are not on a spiritual and on an emotional healing path --- these are not separate; they are one, as everything is One.

The more open and emotionally authentic we are, the greater we can remember our Unity with God and All that is and the greater God can express through each of us. Unfortunately, many are frozen emotionally at an earlier age. Many people, especially in childhood, have undergone emotional trauma, whether that be physical, sexual, or emotional abuse. Even if you grew up in a household with very loving parents, there was some type of minor trauma, because human love is conditional and can never reach Divine Love. We came into this life from a place where we knew only Divine, unconditional Love.

But for many, significant trauma occurred in childhood, and a child of 6 or 10 years of age is usually not able to express the emotions around that trauma at that time, so they end up disassociating. But the anger, the grief, the shame, the guilt over what happened is still there, and this gets carried into adulthood and spills out in so many ways, creating dysfunctional relationships, depression, anxiety, etc.

Healing is meant to happen. You are not meant to stay in this hell, and God gives us signs, gives us people, books, dreams --- many, many sources that can help us. But most people disregard these signs. Most people are fearful of working to heal the perceived darkness inside of them. And it is perceived, but once it is brought to the Light, it becomes the Light and gives you power, taking you from a victim to a warrior. At some level we have chosen our experiences, so we must look at these experiences and know that they are gifts to help us remember who we are.

Seeing them as gifts does not mean that we should not have great compassion on ourselves (or others who have experienced trauma). It does not mean that temporarily we don't fall into self pity, or that it is an easy process, or that we don't get angry about it, or want to stop. Because often it can be hard. But God is holding you each step of the way. And what is the alternative? You can only feel joy to the extent you are willing to feel sadness, etc.

One the paradoxes of our life here is that we are Spirit in a human form. We have chosen experiences, and they serve as a gift to help us awaken to our greater Self, but the human condition and what we experience in a body can be difficult at times.

So if you recognize yourself on a spiritual path, you can't spiritualize or intellectualize the emotions that come up in you. You are still disassociating like you did when the trauma happened. You have to FEEL them and look behind them to what are the false beliefs you learned that are creating and upholding these emotions -- I am not lovable, I am bad, I am not smart or pretty or worthy. Whatever they are, they are NOT true. These are just stories you learned from those --- parents, caretakers, groups, society --- who didn't know any better. They were asleep to who they really are, and they acted out of ignorance and their own lack of self worth.

You can only come back to a remembrance of God, you can only get so far on the spiritual path, without healing the splits and perceived darkness inside of you.

Lawrence Doochin
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