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Sunday, April 01, 2018

Easter And April Fools

It is not a coincidence that both fall today. Nothing happens by chance in the body of God. What is the message here --- are we taking things a little too seriously, are we being tricked by ourselves or others?

John of the Cross had a severe illness but had to pinch himself not to laugh in serious conversations with people. People report that the Dalai Lama giggles all the time. Mystics and enlightened people from many spiritual and religious traditions have all been very happy, like little children. Why is that?
They see the reality of God's Kingdom. They know that we are eternal, that we are here just having an experience to remember who we are. They know that this "reality" is like a play where we are all actors, where we can play any role we want and where we are also the writer, the producer, and the director. So why is there anything to be fearful or serious about. It is meant to be fun. It doesn't effect who we are as a part of God, our "salvation", how much God loves us, by one iota.

"There are many mansions in my Father's house." We exist in many realities at once, because we are Spirit, unlimited. Thus we act as actors in many other's plays, while they act as actors in our play. We are God meeting God in an infinite number of ways so that we can remember and God has an experience of Himself/Herself through each of us.

Jesus came into this reality, this play, to help us remember. He came to not to take away our sins, but to take away, to cross out, the belief in sin. He came to show us that Heaven (the vertical on the cross) and Earth (the horizontal on the cross) are not separate, that as he said, the Kingdom is within us. He came to show us that we are eternal beings, that we are Spirit, and that we cannot "die." And he told us that we can do greater things than him --- he raised the dead --- does anything else need to be said about what you are capable of? It is your beliefs that prevent you from seeing this.

Jesus made a choice to go through a horrific experience out of immense compassion for the One, to help his brothers and sisters to awaken to the greater reality of who they are. Because that was the role he chose to play out of Love. For Love is how we "return" to God. Jesus became the Christ, became Love, through the release of what was false in him, leaving only what was true -- God. When he said you can only come to the Father through Christ, he was saying you can only come through Love. And as an elder brother who has already walked the path and cleared the way, we can look to him for guidance and love on how to do that.

Even though Jesus chose his experience and knew that from a human perspective, it would be difficult, he was still like a little child with God's joy running through him. So try not to take anything too seriously. You are eternal, holy, perfect in God's eyes, and for that you can be extremely grateful and joyful.

Lawrence Doochin
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