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Monday, April 02, 2018

What Is The Difference Between These Two Statements?

What is the difference between these two statements? " I see the world as it is" and "The world is as I see it".

How we view individual situations and the world is a reflection of how we view ourselves. All is One. There is nothing "external" to you. If you view things "negatively" then you have negative beliefs about yourself, and those are the colored glasses through which you see the world (which is you). If you have fear over things in the world, that fear is not related to what is "out there." It is related to the fear that is in you and gets projected out, attaching to different things.

So on the above, you are living as "The world is as I see it."
Your task is to see the world as it is, which is how God sees it. To see the Kingdom. Then you can see past appearances, past the illusion, to the Love that underlies all, and you can experience that Love, peace, and joy. This is spiritual sight versus an ego sight. This is seeing Unity versus seeing separation, for if you see separation, you WILL always live in fear, and this is increasing right now.

How do you see from a Unity perspective? Release what is false inside of you. Release the belief that you are separate, that God is a judgmental and punishing God --- the reason you don't embrace Him/Her and His/Her Love.

For you are One with Him/Her. Science has proven what it means we when we say that God is One. It does not mean that there is only one God, although this is certainly true as well. It means that God is ALL there is, and you are a part of that Oneness, an inseparable, perfect, and holy part of God. That is pretty cool! That is what Jesus meant when he said the Father has given you the Kingdom.

Lawrence Doochin

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