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Describing the path of our Love with God, a path of remembering our Oneness with Him.

Tuesday, May 08, 2018

God Is Our Medicator

We are each in so much pain whether we recognize it or not.

We live a in a world of contrast, of duality. This means we experience both joy and sorrow, both peace and anger, both Love and hatred, both Unity and the appearance of separation. Unlike Heaven where everything is One and Love, we come here to experience opposites, and through them, to remember who we are and what we want --- hopefully Love and the one hearted compassionate way.

We have all chosen experiences which will show us what we want to remember, and this can mean coming into dysfunctional or abusive childhood dynamics, relationships which trigger our fears and insecurities, difficult economic situations. Everything and everyone is a vehicle for remembrance.

And we long for a deeper experience with God, for we exist in a perceived state of separation in this reality. This causes us great pain.

We can numb this pain, and many --- unfortunately a large majority --- do with any number of medicators such as drugs and alcohol, money, sex, power, etc.Or we can face the pain and find the divinity within it. For God is within, and that means He is within everything --- every person, every circumstance, every experience, every emotion --- everything. We must use God as our medicator. God must be the one to numb the pain, because when this happens, it transmutes the pain to peace and joy.

See the divinity within your anger or grief. Know that God experiences it with you, as you, through you. You are never alone if you will only turn to the Source of Love.

Lawrence Doochin
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