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Sunday, September 29, 2019

What Can Save You?

There is nothing and no one that can save you other than yourself.

This is the message Jesus came to tell us. He told us that the Kingdom is within and that we only need to realize that and be One with that to save ourself. So he "saved" us by showing us the way back to the Father. Unfortunately, his teachings were distorted by those who wanted to establish a power hierarchy where they made you believe that you had to go through an intermediary to get to the Father.

Jesus said we are all Sons of God. He said we would do greater things than him and he raised the dead -- hmm, that must mean we are pretty powerful and holy.

We are One. Only Unity exists. Each of us comes to be the Christ by dropping what is false and through recognizing that we have never separated from God, that we are in a dream of our own making and that God loves us the same as the moment of our Creation. And we are still in that moment.

Lawrence Doochin

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