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Saturday, June 06, 2020

A Natural Flow

There is a beautiful ebb and flow to life. As God expresses through Creation, there is a push "forward", a rest, a pull "backwards", and another rest before the push forward begins again. Nothing moves in a straight line forward --- thus there really is no "forward" and "backward"., And the rest periods, the pauses, are as important as the movement.

This is the Stillness that underlies All. This holy movement or flow is reproduced in so many things. Think of the in breath, followed by a very brief stop, then the out breath. Think of the tide. The tide moves forward, briefly pauses, and then moves backward before pausing and moving forward again. But the tide, although appearing to retreat, is actually moving farther inland with every new wave.

Similarly, Creation is constantly evolving, expanding, moving forward, but with this in and out flow. This movement is your natural rhythm, how your life force wants to be in this world. Anything you do, like a business or some type of project or creation, even how you exercise or eat, needs to have this flow in order to be successful. What appears like retreats is simply the building of energy for the next wave to push farther forward, for Creation to unfold in greater holiness. And the rest periods, the pauses, are times when you can consolidate the energy and be grateful for what has been accomplished.

Gratitude is critical for anything you want to be successful. And patience. When you are certain of the outcome, when you know that God has your highest good and you are doing His Will, then you can afford to be patient because you know that the outcome is certain.

Lawrence Doochin
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