Monday, February 23, 2009

Looking Outside Yourself

Why do we constantly look to others to save us? President Obama has a great Light in and around him, and people are placing their hopes on him. But they are also placing their heavy expectations. They expect that he will solve all of their problems in quick fashion. But there are several problems with this outlook. First, purely from a worldly perspective, these problems were not created overnight. But more importantly, we need to look at these problems from a higher perspective, not a worldly one. Albert Einstein said that you can't solve a problem in the same field of consciousness in which the problem was created. So you can't solve this economic crisis by throwing more money at the situation or by trying to fix the problem. This "problem" is a spiritual issue. Everything is a spiritual issue, not what it appears --- an economic problem, a racial problem, etc. This turmoil we are encountering now is collectively, as the One, what we have decided our course of action to be.

So if you, as part of the One, have decided this to be the course of action, then you have personal responsibility for what is happening. Don't cast the blame on anyone else, and don't look to anyone else, including the President to fix the problem. It is not fixable until you see it from a different perspective, until you no longer see it as a problem that you, as a body, are encountering. Because you are not a body! Looking to the government to fix this is no different than looking to a pastor or priest or rabbi to teach you about God or to be your intermediary to God. You give your power away when you do this. You believe that you are small, separate, and sinful, and you would never think that you could talk to God directly. Heaven forbid you entertain the thought that you are One with God. But you are. The answers to this crisis --- the answers to everything lie within you.


  • At 11:57 PM , Anonymous Lisa J. said...

    I am so grateful for finding this article online. I have been feeling heavy of heart amongst many who are feeling so hopeful about the current changes they perceive will happen in the world. I have been unable to articulate why my heart feels heavy but this article puts words to my deepest concerns for all those who have placed the greater responsibility for change outside of themselves. Isn’t that how things got this way to begin with; putting so much of the responsibility outside of ourselves? Thank you for writing this and sharing your thoughts with so many. Blessings, Lisa

  • At 12:00 PM , Blogger James said...

    Real talk. Thank you


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