Sunday, October 19, 2008

Forgiveness Offers Everything You Want

We are in turbulent times. The appearance of the world is worsening. For those who do not recognize any part of their spiritual awakening, fear and anger will continue to rise within them, and they will feel very lost. Those of us who are conscious of our awakening have the blessing of seeing from a much higher perspective, but that doesn't mean that it is any easier for us. Many of us have done our "work" for a long time. When the fear and anger arises within us, we tend to judge it, like we are doing something wrong. Like we have fallen back or fallen off our spiritual path. We can never fall off our spiritual path, because only God exists, thus there is nothing that is not spiritual. There is really not a path. I have written about forgiveness before, and in these times, forgiveness becomes very important. Most people have the wrong concept of forgiveness. They believe that you have to forgive, to overlook, something that is true. But forgiveness really means that we first see that the appearance of everything is a dream, thus there is nothing to forgive. No attack or hurt was done to you. It happened only in the illusion. When we judge ourselves for our anger and fear, we project this out to others as judgment of them, their actions, their words, their appearance. If we forgive them these "sins," then we see from the perspective that this is all a dream. We see that none of these "sins" occurred. Then a miracle occurs. We forgive ourselves. We also see that we never sinned. Offering forgiveness "works" for two reasons. When we offer forgiveness to someone else, a group, or the world, we offer it to ourself, because we are One. And we can only offer forgiveness if we have forgiveness to give. By offering something, we acknowledge that we already have it. Doesn't God work beautifully?


  • At 6:42 PM , Anonymous Paul Maurice Martin said...

    I think the main thing about forgiveness is to "let it go" and that people have different ways of doing that.

    "But forgiveness really means that we first see that the appearance of everything is a dream, thus there is nothing to forgive."

    This would be one way getting to forgiveness. Another might be to acknowledge that one simply doesn't know what goes on in the heart and mind of someone who has done us harm. We're really not in a position to judge.

    Or to view wrong not as something "freely chosen" but more in terms of how Jesus looks at it with regard to his crucifiers: "Forgive them Lord, for they know not what they do." Here, as in eastern traditions, harm-doing is looked at not as fully conscious and deliberate choice but unconsciousness, unenlightenment, ignorance...

    And of course these three paradigms - the one you offer and the two I cite here - are not mutually exclusive.


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