Thursday, February 09, 2012

The Human Experience

We are divine, but we live in a human experience. You cannot cut off or rationalize separation from the human experience to reach the divine one. We must embrace all of the experience so that we can know wholeness. That includes ups and downs and the full range of emotions, including anger and sadness. Only through embracing and feeling these "negative" emotions can we eventually rise above them to where we know only the peace and joy of God.


  • At 6:16 PM , Anonymous peaceworks said...

    Lawrence, I have long been searching for a way of being in this world but not of it as I live and experience the challenges and realities of each day. It has only been this past week that I discovered you and your writings. Since that time I've spent every spare minute I have poring over the thoughts you share in your books, blogs and interviews. I now use your site "The Divine Speaks" to augment my early morning sessions with God as we prepare for each new day.
    As I read "The Human Experience" (today's blog) I am struck with how much emphasis so many of us place on trying to change any emotion we deem unpleasant or undesirable - my inbox is rife with such techniques, methods, strategies, etc. - to be replaced with those more pleasurable. As is the case with so much of what you share, I'm now led to view my approach in a whole new light - embracing ALL the emotions, no more regarding any as right/wrong, negative/positive but as an essential part of my moment, my "now", to learn to meet them as any other gift God has provided for this leg of the journey; I now have to "embrace...feeling...rise above them...".
    I am so deeply grateful that God has placed you in my life at such a time, as I was about to quit.
    I know I've only scratched the surface and that I have a great deal to learn but, because of your willingness to share the knowledge and wisdom God has provided you, I now have hope. Thank you.

    - Terry

  • At 6:19 PM , Blogger Lawrence Doochin said...

    Thank you Terry for your very kind comments. Please contact me through my website if I can be of help. God bless!


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