I Am Therefore I Am

Describing the path of our Love with God, a path of remembering our Oneness with Him.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

We Have Equal Parts in Salvation

When we see only through eyes of separation, we see differences. The world takes an appearance through contrast, through the appearance of differences. But if we believe these differences are what truly exists, then we are not seeing God, and hence ourself, as One. There is only One of us awakening to ourself. When we meet another expression of God, we remember. We see ourself in that other expression, and that brings us back to a recognition and remembrance of our true self. The appearance of differences is a tool that helps us to do that. Each of us, as the One, has agreed to appear in this dream and fill a certain role. We are each a piece of an infinite puzzle. If you see yourself on a spiritual path, and you feel that you are somehow better, special, or different, then you are seeing through eyes of separation. No part is better or worse than another. No one has more to contribute to the awakening than someone else. Our salvation depends on all pieces of the puzzle going in to place. Those who care nothing for spirituality or God have as important a part as everyone else. When you think that being spiritual is better than not being spiritual, you are applying your belief system, which is based on illusory good and bad, and which is not real. Those who are not "spiritual," these expressions of God, have chosen to do their part in salvation in another form. If you are spiritual, this is just a form that passes away. Each of us has a very important function. We are all God. In fact, the person who is not caught up in being spiritual may have a very profound insight to share with you if you will only listen. They are not sharing their divinity from an ego standpoint, so they may be a clearer vessel than someone who sees themselves as spiritual.


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