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Friday, January 16, 2009

To Sin or not to Sin

Are we sinless, or are we sinful? Everyone wants to say that we are both, but that is impossible. Can you be partially pregnant? So if you believe that you can both, you have been fooling yourself. There are actions, thoughts, experiences, relationships --- whatever it is --- that you don't want to give up. You hold on to them because they define you. You can not imagine yourself as completely guiltless. You have known the victim role for so long that you would not know how to live without it. It scares you, just as God scares you. You don't even want to acknowledge your particular "sins", because to do so would mean that God will see them. And you fear punishment by Him for these "sins". So you tell yourself that you have some good (sinless) qualities, because somehow in your mind, that balances the "sins". It makes you feel better at the surface, while at a deep level, you hope that God's punishment will not be forthcoming because there are some "good" qualities within you. But as shown at the start of this blog, you are either completely sinful or completely sinless. There is no in between. How will you choose to see yourself?

You have no secrets from God, because God is All, and God expresses through you. So let's first drop the idea that you can hide anything from God. But that is not really the point here; it is only an intermediate step. Since God expresses through you and God is All, if you are completely sinful, God is as well. If you try to tell me that God is sinless and you are sinful, then you are still looking through eyes of separation, not unity. So is God sinful? You know the answer to that. God is Love. It is all Love, and we are one with that Love. Only sinlessness exists, and you are completely sinless. BY YOUR EXISTENCE! There is nothing you have to do, or be, or say to be sinless. If we asked one thousand people what a sin was, we would get one thousand answers. Sin is arbitrary. It varies from person to person as your belief system, which is created through your own experiences, varies. Anything that is arbitrary is not of God, as He is changeless. You are part of and One with that eternal changlessness. One of the funny parts to this is that God, because He is changeless, is not aware of illusion. He cannot be aware of something that is not of Him. So He is not aware of these crazy ideas of sin that each of us have. Each of us goes through this crazy process of worrying about and feeling guilty about our sins, as well as trying to avoid punishment, and He knows nothing of this. THIS IS ALL HAPPENING IN YOUR OWN MIND. Your "sins" and your beliefs around them are solely unique to you. We spend so much wasted energy on something that falls away once we withdraw belief from it. When we withdraw belief, we laugh at all of the mind games we played on ourself, and we see our sinlessness shining through for all eternity.


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