Monday, August 25, 2008

Isn't That Interesting

We spend so much time and energy getting caught up in our dramas. Somebody hurts our feelings, or we lose our job, or the dog dies, and we experience all of these ups and downs as if we are a boxer getting beaten to a pulp. Our mind stays on constant go mode, like it is mental masturbation. We think about what has happened, and we have regrets, joys, anger, etc., or we think about what will happen, and we have the same as above. We never live in the present moment observing. What if we observed these fears or this anger and just said to ourself, " Oh isn't that interesting." It would take us to a totally different perspective. It would take some of the fear away from the fear, or some of the anger out of the anger. Because a lot of our angst is our judgment of the fear, or our fear of the fear. We can see the fear for what it really is, just another energy arising within us. Oh isn't that interesting.


  • At 2:26 PM , Anonymous Paul Maurice Martin said...

    Exactly. I've thought of this as "simply noticing" one's feelings and reactions instead of getting caught up in them. Simple but effective...


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