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Friday, March 06, 2009

Are You Afraid Of Losing Your Job Or Your House?

Well, obviously you are not alone. It is understandable in these times to have such fears. But are these fears serving you? What exactly is in your control?

I want to make a distinction. You think that earning money, keeping your job, etc. are in your control, but they are not in your control in the way you think, thus they are not really in your control. Or better yet, you are affecting what happens (having control) in a negative way. If you are out of work, you believe that you can get a new job through effort --- putting out large numbers of resumes, furthering your education to make you more attractive to employers, etc. If you are competing against many others out of work, which is increasingly the case these days, you may believe that it is hard to impossible to get any decent job. But neither of these beliefs is real. They are beliefs which are based on this illusory world. They are based only on appearances, just as who you think you are is based on a false belief in your ego/personality as real. What is Real is not based on anything as fleeting as appearances. Because you create your reality through thought, as your fear increases, you effectively ask God and the Universe to bring you more of the same (less money, job loss). This puts you in a deadly downward spiral as what you fear most becomes manifested.

You think that having money and a house will keep you safe. Basically, you believe in the appearance of separation and the body as who you are. Your Source is unlimited, but in order to tap in to that Source, which is the Kingdom of God, you must withdraw your belief in separation. When you do that, you know with complete certainty that God will provide all of your needs. You need only to open to the abundance that surrounds you and of which you are a part. There could be unemployment of 50%, but if you know that as a part of God you have available to you all of His peace, joy, and abundance, you will be fine. And I don't mean fine as in just being at peace with everything. I also mean finding a job, your perfect job, when everything arounds you looks bleak. That is true control. That is manipulating the system - LOL! Now is the time for you to come to the knowing that He is present with you at all times and that fear is not real. For the majority will not come to that understanding, and as their fear grows, you have the opportunity, through contrast, to open an incredible world. You have the opportunity to take an evolutionary leap in your remembrance.


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