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Describing the path of our Love with God, a path of remembering our Oneness with Him.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009


When I have done radio interviews, one of the questions that keeps coming up is about forgiveness. Have I forgiven my mother for what she did to me? I reply to this with another question. At what level do you want to look at forgiveness? As I have risen to a higher perspective, my view of forgiveness has evolved. When I was going through the early years of therapy, there was a period that I cut off contact with her for about a year. I was angry with her for what she did, and then I came to a certain level of acceptance and forgiveness. This is the typical reaction of the world --- forgiveness follows anger. But there is a false premise underlying this scenario, for it assumes that someone is forgiving something which is true. We do this because this what we are taught by the world's religions that this is what we are supposed to do.

When you forgive something that you believe truly happened, then you always feel uncomfortable about it. There is always that small thought which reminds you of the offense committed by that person, even when you think that you have forgiven them. And that uneasiness is the way that it should be, because if they have truly wronged you, attacked you, etc. then how can you forgive this. But this is the perspective that we use when we see through eyes of separation, when we see bodies. Bodies that are separate from you are capable of attacking you. When I moved to a higher perspective and I began to see through eyes of Oneness, this lower perspective of forgiveness passed away. We are One, and this is your dream of separation. You are the writer, the actor, the director, and the producer of everything that happens to you. There is nothing random, and every one of your encounters, regardless of how minor, is pulled to you, by you, on purpose. Everything! You probably believe that only some of the things that happen to you are fated, but it is all or nothing, otherwise the universe would be chaos. This was not an understanding I gained overnight; it evolved until I knew that there was nothing random. What a beautiful model of how the body of God works!

Since there is nothing random and you are pulling every encounter and every circumstance to you, there must be a purpose. You are not doing this to yourself so that you will suffer. You are doing this to grow in perspective and to remember God. So when someone wrongs you, whether it be minor, like a mean comment, or whether it be major, like the rape of a loved one, you are pulling this to you. Now, I can see the thoughts flying through your head that says this guy is crazy --- I would never choose to have my sister raped. And I will say at the level of your personality or egoic mind, you would not choose that. But when we move to a higher perspective, we realize that we have been seeing and judging through that egoic mind and that nothing happens outside the Will of God. Only the Will of God exists, because God is One. Only God exists. There is no choice which is made that is independent of another. In the Oneness we don't see separate bodies that can attack or wrong us. Those that appear in a body and are part of your dream are really God in disguise doing a hell of an acting job so that you can evolve in perspective. With you/God (one and the same) doing these wrongs to you, what is there to forgive? These acts or wrongs did not happen in the way that you think they did. At the reality of Love, which is the only true reality, they really didn't happen at all.


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