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Friday, March 13, 2009

What is the difference between Jesus and Hitler

Nothing. They were both just actors in a play. They were both divine, regardless of their actions. If you see a difference, you are using your own (unique only to you) belief system to cast judgment on what is good and bad. Can you utilize discernment instead of judgment? Judgment is based on a system of good and bad. It is based on a belief in sin. But sin does not exist. God is expressing through each of us, and we are inseparable from His perfection. If you have a hard time with this, then know that you are judging yourself and that you see yourself as sinful. Few people feel this at the foundation that holds this belief. It is too painful, too scary. As opposed to judgment, discernment sees actions not as bad and good but rather as choices that we would decide not to make. I would choose not to do the same actions as Hitler, but I know that he was an expression and manifestation of God, as am I. And I am one with him. So if I see his actions as sinful, I am seeing myself as sinful. When you no longer see Hitler as a body, separate from you, that performed horrific acts, you will see through eyes of unity. And when you see through eyes of unity, you no longer judge his actions as anything other than what an actor might do in a play. See how this all ties in together?

Of course, there was one important "difference" between Jesus and Hitler. They differed in their recognition. We exist on a continuum (no separation). In his recognition Jesus was at one end of the continuum, and Hitler was at the other. At a personality or worldly level, Hitler thought that was all he consisted of. He did not recognize his divinity at all. Otherwise, he would not have committed those acts. Jesus fully recognized his divinity. He saw his personality/worldly mind as a very small part of him, and he saw that this personality would pass away when this segment of the dream ended for him, leaving only his true essence. So opposite ends of the continuum. But when we look at the continuum, we realize that it must be a circle, because there is no separation. If it is a circle, when you put the two ends of the continuum together, Jesus and Hitler are right next to each other. Very interesting. In essence, this tells you to not be fooled by appearances, nor should we take anything as hard and fast or black and white. In God, everything blends to grey.


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