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Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Did Jesus Die For Our Sins?

If you have read my past posts about sin, then you probably think you know my answer. But I may surprise you on this one. This is one of those deals where our belief system determines the answer, and since our belief system is different than others, plus we change our beliefs constantly, then the answer is not Truth. Only the changeless (God) is Truth. So the answer to the question of this post is "true" for everyone where they are at.

Plus it is more muddled than that. Jesus died for our sins to show us that sin never existed. If you are a person who believes in the standard Christian theology that you were born in sin, then by Jesus' act he took your sins away from you. And in a sense he did that, although you are not taking the same path to the answer. Jesus was crucified because those who condemned him to death projected their sins on to him, in their belief system only. He was such a bright light that they were afraid of the light shining upon them and revealing their sins to God. Since they were under a belief system of sin, they also believed in separation from God and from each other, and they believed in the body as real. Thus by destruction of Jesus' body and his death, the sins which they had projected on to him were destroyed. In the several centuries after his death, early Christian theologians operated under the same belief system as those who had sent Jesus to his death, but they certainly did not understand the psychology of projection, thus they came to the logical conclusion that their sins had been "taken away" (not projected) by his sacrifice. And until someone begins to break through the belief in separation, they will continue to see it that way.

So back to the original question. But first that brings up another question that has to be answered. Jesus knew that these people were projecting their sins on to him and that they believed in the destruction of these sins through the death of his body. But he also knew that sin and separation do not exist, thus his crucifier's line of thinking was illusory. Why did he permit himself to be crucified? He could have "blinked" out of there at any time --- you know, gone to the live the sweet life somewhere on Earth or just left his body to return to the heart of God. He stayed, because he knew that "sin" would be "gone" either way someone interpreted his death. Only through his death could he show that sin never existed. Some people would come to this understanding by never starting with the belief that they were born in sin. Others would believe in sin initially and still have the final conclusion that they were sinless; they would just come in a different route to get there. They would see the falsity of their belief system from a different viewpoint, as they would first have to come to an understanding that they have projected their sins on to others and the world. Sin was not taken away in the way which they thought, as they came to see that it only existed in their own belief system.

By either way you could "say" that Jesus died for our sins. As you become more aware of who you truly are, you understand that we can never die, that you can destroy the body in this dream only. And you understand that sin does not exist, that at its worst it could be described as error. So Jesus was a savior to the world, for he illuminated many unique paths to God.


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