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Monday, April 12, 2010

Does God Reward the Good and Punish the Wicked?

There is a belief that God rewards the good and punishes the wicked, yet this is a belief that is formed from a mind which thinks it is separate from God. God expresses through us. You are One with Him. Why would God punish Himself?

The belief that God rewards and punishes is a classic error of ego thinking that originates from seeing what appears to be a certain result and working back to a false cause. Yes, it appears that "good" things happen to "good" people and that "bad" things happen to "bad" people, but you realize the effect is created by a completely different cause when you see through Oneness and a unified Mind. Good people are joyous, love to serve others, and are bright lights because they more closely recognize the unity of All. In doing so they are more open to the qualities they share with God --- peacefulness, joy, Love, and abundance. Referring to the latter, they innately know that full abundance is part of their inheritance as a Son of God, and this belief draws great abundance to them. Thus it appears that good things happen to good people. The opposite is also true. Those who feel no connection with God and who believe that they are an island unto themselves, separate from everything else, bring to themselves what they believe. If they believe in a cruel and punishing world as their true reality, or even if they believe in a "milder" version that they are not deserving (there really is no distinction between the two as there are not degrees of illusion), then this is what is brought to them as their thoughts create their reality. Fear and lack of abundance will be brought to them, which only serves to reinforce their belief that the world is a dark place. This downward cycle can only be broken when they take Atonement for themselves and begin to see through eyes of Oneness.


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