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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Something You Really Want

How do you surrender to something you really want, something you feel is an important step on your path, something that you know will give you joy, but something that has not manifested yet? Well, first it helps to recognize that there is divine timing in everything and you will miss the sweetness and joy if you try to pick fruit before it is ripe. It is also helpful to recognize that patience is a very important part of everyone's path, as patience is a great teacher. It helps us to slow down and be in the moment. Can we be patient and be in the now even while we strongly want a certain experience or opening to occur? Yes, as this is the paradox, the balance upon which we exist in this dream. We create something in our lives by feeling the joy of having it as if it has already occurred, because when we feel and think this way, it has truly occurred. Thought is the creator, the seed, even if that seed has not broken through the earth and manifested yet. When you feel as if something has occurred, you are doing a very important thing. You are not waiting on it, and when you are not waiting on it, you are living in the now. The mistake most people make when they want something to occur is that they "want it to occur." They are not feeling and knowing that it has occurred, and they are affirming, by their thought, that it has not occurred. Thought is very powerful --- it was how the universe was created. When we affirm the lack of something, we get more of that lack.

A beautiful result of staying in the now is knowing, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that you are whole and complete as you are. If you think that you are incomplete without this experience or opening occurring for you, then you are not in the now. So the key is that you stay in the present, knowing that you are complete, perfect, and whole as you are, while at the same time feeling the gratitude of knowing you have this experience or opening that you really want.


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