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Friday, August 12, 2011

How Do We Get To The Peace That Passes All Understanding

Do you notice what happens right before your mood brightens or goes down? You make a judgment about something, someone, or a situation. Your judgment is that it is good or bad, and then your mood follows the type judgment you made. If you watch the mood that is created by these thoughts, you will witness it go up and down like you are riding a rollercoaster. You may be in a "good" mood for a large part of the day, and then something "happens" which upsets your mood. It could be that you hit a traffic jam, you can't get someone on the phone you really need to talk to, the bank is closed, or someone gives you a wrong look. It can be an infinite number of things. Conversely, maybe you hear that you are getting a raise, your sport team wins, or you get the prime parking spot.

The experiences/situations can be "major" or "minor." They can brighten your mood or bring it down. What it is and to what intensity it appears to you does not matter. It is seeing what it does to your mood that matters. You are being bounced around like a rag doll, because you are seeing something or someone as "good" or "bad." Nothing is inherently "good" or "bad." It just is. You make it what it is by placing a judgment on it, and then that judgment affects your mood.

This mood shifting happens a huge number of times per day -- you are just not aware of it unless it is really significant in intensity. But your mood, which is always shifting, is not who you are, and thank God for that! Your mood is created by your thoughts (judgments), which arise from your ego. As you become more centered in God (ego-less), you make less of these judgments. You are then the rollercoaster, not the helpless victim who is riding it. When you remove "good" and "bad", everything just is, everything is neutral. Just as you watch a play on the stage and you realize that what takes place in the play is not real, you begin to view this dream experience that we call life from the same perspective. When you remove judgment, you see the God within. As opposed to your mood jumping all over the place, you are centered in the peace that passes all understanding.


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