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Thursday, August 18, 2011

What Goes With Guilt?

Picking up the theme from my last blog, what is it that goes hand in hand with guilt? Self judgment. If you feel guilty about something, then you are self judging. Self judgment is like a subset of guilt. I mentioned the projection of guilt in the last post, an and interesting thing happens with the guilt which you project in order not to feel it. You also project the judgment, because by definition, if you see someone as guilty, you are judging them. And if you are judging someone, you are seeing them as guilty. You see this whole illusion and separation belief that we carry fits into a nice little package. Self judgment, guilt, fear, sin, and a punishing God are all legs on the same stool, but if you take one of those legs away, the stool falls. That is how easy the belief in separation can go away, because there is no basis behind it. Truth is self evident, and illusion is not.

At the moment we believed we fell from Grace and that we had sinned against God, the following happened: we felt guilty, we self judged, and then we felt fear. These happened consecutively but all at the same moment, as only the present moment, the now, exists. So we are working our way back through those steps of our perceived separation, and that is why there is so much guilt, judgment and self judgment (one and the same), and fear in this world. That is why we all have to deal with it on an individual and collective basis. But it is kind of like a fever that gets really bad before it breaks. That is what appears to be happening in the world. You can only stretch a rubber band so far before it breaks, and you can only move so far away from God (perceived separation) before it becomes so painful and you rush back. The good news is that it is still all just happening in the one moment, and thus there is no "past" that we have to go back and correct. Simply by being in the present moment and changing our understanding, by knowing, and by remembering, we can come back to Him instantly.


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