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Saturday, August 13, 2011

Your Belief Creates Your Reality

I have touched on this before, but the understanding and practice of this truth is becoming very important. This world is starting to go into a difficult period. Actually, what I mean is the appearance of the world is going this way. Do you believe this world is what really exists, or do you believe it is an appearance? If you believe the former, then you will be living from a consciousness of fear as the appearance will continue to get worse. Your belief that the world is real creates that reality for you. If you know that this world is only an appearance, then you will be able to handle what is coming, and you can create whatever you want.

As an example, the world could appear to be in a great depression with high unemployment. If you believe this is real, your belief will be that you could lose your job, your business will go under, people will be cutting back and you will have less clients, etc. Even if you only think that this could be the case, you have a belief around it that has power, the power of creation. You will bring to you what it is that you fear to the extent that you have that belief. The question to ask yourself is how often and to what intensity do you hold that belief. We are referring to a world economic situation, but this is applicable to any fear you have related to anything. If you only get into the fear every once in a while (everyone holds some degree of fear), and you are able to witness yourself in the fear and after a certain time period center yourself in God, you are probably okay. The fear is only like a little spyware that gets in your computer but does not really affect the overall operation.

Unfortunately, the vast majority of people on this planet are not aware that they have fear, and it runs like a computer virus undetected. A negative feedback loop is often created around a fearful situation. Let's use the depression example again. Someone hears in the media that we are in hard economic times. This is how fear is often created. An "outside" source, a worldly source, tells you that a certain situation is going on, and you believe it (believing something outside of yourself). So maybe only a small fear is created, but that small fear that you hold, is already altering your reality. Maybe you don't get a raise this year, or maybe others in your company are laid off. So what happens --- these new "more fearful" events compound your fear, which leads to more events that are now bigger in intensity, which leads to more fear, and on and on. Do you see how the negative feedback loop is created? You believe these events are really happening in the world, and you don't see that you are creating them, bringing them to you by the power of your belief.

The only way to stop this cycle is to witness your fears and know that God is One and you are part of that Oneness. These events do not exist outside of you. There are not random experiences happening to you. All of this perspective is created by a belief in separation. The fear that arises from believing you are separate is one and the same as the fear that the world holds hardship for you, the fear of losing your job, the fear of others, the fear of death, etc. All of these fall away when you stay centered in Him. Your reality can be anything you want. You can create a positive feedback loop. Regardless of the appearance of the world, you can know that the Kingdom holds only peace, love, and joy for you. This is manifested in the world by amazing experiences, great prosperity, great relationships, etc. As you know this to be the case, you bring more of this to you, which reinforces this knowing, bringing more to you, and on and on --- a positive feedback loop!


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