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Thursday, December 18, 2008

Heaven is Acceptance

We make things so difficult when they are so simple. It is not your actions, your thoughts, your feelings, or your experiences that are important. It is your judgement of those things that cuts you off from God. Accept things exactly as they are. You are an expression of God, and with that comes perfection. You are perfect as you are. You need to change nothing about yourself.

Nor do you need to change anything about the world or about someone else. I can hear you saying right now --- "Well look at the world. Look at how screwed up it." Yes, I would say that the world looks pretty screwed up right now. But looking and being are two separate things. When your child puts on a vampire costume at Halloween, are they a vampire? You can not, no matter how hard you wish it or try, change the fact that only Love exists. You can wish it so hard that you believe it, but your belief doesn't change the unalterable. So the appearance of the world being screwed up is just that an appearance. And you don't change the world. You change how you see the world. That starts by how you see yourself.

If you apply a judgement system of good and bad to yourself, you project that out to others and the world, seeing them as good and bad. But as I have discussed many times before (and it is worth repeating as many times as necessary --- definitely for myself,) you look at the world through your own set of rose colored glasses that are based on your own unique past experiences and your future expectations. We never live in the one holy moment and see things as they really are. Your set of glasses is completely unique to you, and it is not reality. Truth, reality, Love, God --- that is unchangeable. Anything that changes is part of this play we appear to live in and is fleeting.

How do we change the world? Change how you see yourself, and that will change how you see the world as you no longer project your unique set of beliefs (glasses) to the world. Accepting yourself exactly as you are in each moment --- whether you are feeling joy, sadness, anger, guilt --- whether you are having thoughts or desires to wring someone's neck or thoughts you consider dirty --- whether you have committed an action you see as horrible ---- accepting yourself leads to Heaven. Stop judging yourself. This is what cuts you off from God.

Step back, take a look at your judgment system of good and bad, and know that it is not real, it is not you. There are not degrees of perfection; it is either perfect or it is not. But can you even define perfection? What would the perfect person look like, say, or do? We think there are degrees of perfection, because we apply a system of good and bad, a system of degrees, when looking at things. There is no good and bad. It is what is. I AM.


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