I Am Therefore I Am

Describing the path of our Love with God, a path of remembering our Oneness with Him.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

This is Your Dream

When spiritual teachers say that we live in a dream, what does that mean? Maybe you understand that intellectually, but what happens when you experience that? It means that you see nothing outside of yourself. You create your complete world. Everything that happens to you is drawn to you by your own choice. So you say, how about the "bad" things that happen to me. Well, I can only remind you that there is no good and bad. There is only the One expressing through everything. Good and bad is a by product of your own perspective, of your own rose colored glasses. Good and bad implies differences, and there are no differences in the One. There is only the appearance of differences. So why do you draw those people or events to you that appear negative? We draw those negative people or events to us to help us see from a higher perspective. That higher perspective is seeing that there is only the One, that it is all Love. We draw the negative as a contrast to the positive until we no longer see these events as negative. Eventually we see that this is our dream alone. By that, I mean that we see only ourself in the dream. And at the same time we see ourself, we see God, for they are one and the same. God is within you and also appears outside of you in everything. It is only you and Him, because as you tap in to and you become one with the Mind of God, and especially the Mind of the one Son, that is all that exists. We are both God and His Son, and as part of the Sonship, you draw experiences to you that remind you of this and of your Father's Love. The vast majority of people are not conscious of this, but they are still making choices at the deepest level to create a remembrance within them. So as you walk the world, it appears to you that it is only you and God. Other people are Him. He surrounds you with remembrances and His Love. Your ego or personality mind can not fathom this, because you want to ask how this can be the case for me and no one else. How can everything be perfectly aligned for me to give me what I need? What about mass events involving many people with different purposes or outcomes? How can so many different purposes be served at once? But everyone (every One) is having their own dream of separation and remembrance. So while they have their own, they are also serving as God in yours. You could describe it as one large dream of separation with many individual dreams within it. It is "possible," because it is all happening in the Mind of God. It is all thought. Just as you can think thoughts that go in a million different directions, our lives go in an infinite number of ways as we make choices, even the simplest of choices. So you exist in all these different dreams at once, living many "realities."


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