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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Why Are A Lot Of Famous and Wealthy People So Unhappy?

Because they finally have what they thought would make them happy. The vast majority of people, especially in Western society, are on an endless search for some thing. They want a better job, more money, a bigger house, fame, a better looking spouse --- the list is endless. If you never get what you think it is that will make you happy, you can justify your unhappiness by saying "well if I only had that." A lot of these people are angry at God because He is not giving them what they want. The thinking is that if He loved them enough, He would give them what makes them happy, or at least create those circumstances in their life for that to happen. Do you see how with that thinking the responsibility falls outside of them? They do not want to look at the possibility that happiness is their responsibility, nor do they want to look at the possibility that they already have everything which will make them happy and joyful.

Many of those who get what they want in terms of money or fame are depressed, because they have achieved what they wanted and it has not made them happy. They cannot continue a search which has already achieved the goal. This is why you see so many who have addictions, because they try to numb the depression and pain. What they are truly looking for, what we are all truly looking for, is God's Love. Being in communion with Him is what gives us joy. Regardless of the outer circumstances --- whether you are rich or poor, old or young, the president of the U.S. versus a homeless person --- you already have everything you need to be joyful. There is no search, because joy is intrinsic. Happiness in the world's terms can be defined as something "outside" of you which temporarily gets you excited. Joy does not depend on anything outside of you that is temporary and fleeting. The fame, the money, the new house, can all go away tomorrow. But joy is your birthright, and your relationship with Him, which gives you joy, is eternal.


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