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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Easy to Love Those You Like

It is easy to love those you like. You like them! If they do something that you don't like, then there is enough "good" which outweighs the thing you don't like that you can "justify" continuing to like them. But look at why you like someone. You like the way they look, their words, their intelligence, their humor, their actions, etc. These are all aspects that relate to the body, personality, or brain. And are you really loving them, or is it a love that comes from liking these factors I just mentioned? Are you loving who they really are or are you loving what appearance they take in the world?

How do you love those you don't like? This is really the grist of the spiritual process. This is what advances us at light speed. For if you can love those who you don't like, if you can see God in them, then you have really arrived. It is difficult to see past appearances. We are extremely conditioned to judge another person on their words, actions, appearance, etc. If we can drop that conditioning for even a brief second, then we have touched Heaven, and we want to get back there permanently. When we drop the judgment, we see ourselves, we see unity. All appearances fade away --- you still see them, but you no longer judge them. It is the judgment which cuts us off from Heaven. As you begin to see more often with true vision, a funny thing happens. Where in the past you had a great dislike for someone, maybe because of their personality, this does not bother you anymore. It becomes impossible to dislike someone and love them at the same time. There will be people that you do not resonate with and do not spend time with , but this is different than saying you dislike someone but still love them. If you think there is someone whom you dislike but love, you are not really loving them, at least not as God loves us and we love God. But that is okay. You will get there if you are having awareness of this dynamic. Witnessing our thoughts and beliefs is the vehicle which is used to become self aware and authentic.

Divine or true love fills a vacuum when ego or false vision has been withdrawn, and this makes it impossible to dislike someone and truly love them. It also makes it impossible to have a hierarchy of how much love you feel. You do not love your family more than you love a stranger. I understand if that is difficult to hear, because it was hard for me to fathom for a long time. But what happens is that your capacity to love is greatly increased, so the love you feel for your family or a good friend moves to a much higher level in intensity and sweetness. It moves from a human love, which always has some type of conditions, even if very small, to a divine love, which is truly unconditional. And you are at peace, the peace of God. It is easy to love everyone the same --- there is no effort involved. The love that God has for you, and the great love you have for Him and as well as yourself, flows in a beautiful spiral loop through and from you to all those you encounter.


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